Discover Authentic burma Countryside in Mawlamyine

The city is the capital of Mon state with very much glamorous in historical building and culture that is truly off the tourism.

Mawlamyine is the fourth largest city in myanmar and emerging as a new site for travelers. Mawlamyine, about 250km by street from Yangon, remains untouched with loveable countryside and interesting local life here. The city is the capital of Mon state with very much luxurious in historical building and culture that is really off the tourism.
How to get there?
Mawlamyine may reach by all street, rail and air. The buses often leave at night, take about 07 hours and costs you from 8000 – 10.000 Kyats. Two most trusted companies are PTT and Yar Zar Min buses.
There are two train daily depart from Yangon to Mawlamyine at 6Am and 7.15AM. However, SEA WANDER does not recommend this mode of transport. First of all, the timing is rather long while take place during daytime. That cost you a day for touring around. Secondly, rail conditions possess been downgraded to much then made the train ride extremely bumping. You suppose to spend about 9 hours on board. The ticket costs US$ 16 per person.
There are only two flights per week from Yangon to Mawlamyine. It takes just about 30 minutes and costs approx. US$60/person. The sole airline operating is burma Airway with ATR aircrafts.
Mawlamyine buses
must seen places
Kyaikthanlan Phayar (Pagoda) is the highest pagoda in myanmar at 150m to the sea level. The pagoda was built in 875 AD and calm offers splendid 360 views when footing at its top. Getting up to the pagoda can be done without much efforts for regular physical level.
Thanbyuzayat was the end of the line for the notorious Burma-Siam railway linking Thailand with burma during the Japanese occupation in World War II. It was known as the Death Railway due to the many prisoners of war, about 100.000 persons who died constructing the 415 km long line for the Japanese Imperial Army.
Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock)
This site is very popular for both tourist and locals. The pagoda here is believed as the third important pagoda in myanmar, after Shwedagon in Yangon and Hama muni in Mandalay
Stay and Accommdation
There are several hotels in Mawlamyine from affordable guesthouse to hi-end one like The Mawlamyaing Strand Hotel that be able to facilitate you most of services. You could also take The Strand hotel as a center to easily figure out the ways around
Location: Strand Rd, Phat Tan Quarter, Mawlamyine.
Ph: 057-25624, 057-24787 / Fax: 057-25624
Activities to do there
Most of visiting destination in Mawlamyine could be accessed by foot, bikes or even motorbiking. (Please note the dirty motorbikes are rather unusual and expensive in myanmar, SEA WANDER is going to use semi-scooter for our moto biking tours)
For someone loves more aventurous, motor biking from Mawlamyine to Hpa An or vice versa – about 60km/way – is definitely interesting.
Money and Mobile phone usages
There are ATMs at Mawlamyine Strand hotel and it costs you 5000kyat for each withdrawal. You could exchange money into Kyats at counters of the Asia Green Development Bank (US$ 01 ~ Kyat 990)
Again, please note that your US$ notes ought to be pristine, unfolded, unmarked. Series from 2003 are preferred and will get higher exchange rates.
The price of mobile SIM cards contain come down significantly in myanmar, thus making mobile phone access much more affordable to the general population. The main government supplier is MPT, myanmar Postal and Telecommunications whose mobile network is the most extensive to date with access in most major and some rural towns. Cost of an MPT SIM card is now a standard 30,000 kyats. Top-up cards could also be purchased from 5,000 to 10,000 kyats and higher.

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