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Train visit in burma could be from adventurous to adrenaline pumping adventure depending on your health conditions. In spite of the fact that this mode of transport is silent not convenient for regular tourists, we give you some quick spectacle so that you may make decisions on your inclue.
Generally, travelling by train is one of the splendid way for budget or adventurous travelers. However, it should be considered twice previous taking a night train in burma. Long train on bumping street is typical experience for locals but not for many tourists.

myanmar Main Train Itineraries

So far, night train in myanmar should be taken is from big cities (Yangon – Mandalay and vice versa, Mandalay – Bagan and vice versa, Yangon – Bagan and vice versa). The reason is you may sleep in possible cabin with soft berth for over 10 hours long. For a trip up to 10 days, 1 overnight train is recommended for mostly wanted experiences.
The train from Yangon – Mandalay starts at 06.00am, 15.00 and 17.00 daily and for 13 hours.
The train from Yangon – Bagan starts at 16.00 daily and for 17 hours.
The train from Yangon – Kalaw starts at 17.00 daily and for 18 hours (transit train in Thazi connection at around 05.00
The train from Yangon – Heho starts at 16.00 daily and for 21 hours (transit train in Thazi connection at around 05.00)

Train go to Notices

There will own food delivery service, the meals run from $5 - $8. It is advised to prepare sandwich in case you do not want to buy food on train.
During the travelling, the train will stop 4 – 5 times for picking- up guests. Some stop-over will not inclue lights, people will speak loud and look at foreigners with large eyes. However, the Burmese are very friendly and they do want to share their experiences to you.
The soft - berth cabin is for 4 passengers, has fan to harmonize the air (no air-condition up to August 2014), open sheet window both side (left and right), a light and a small table.
It is easiest to travel the Yangon Central Railway Station at Mingala Taungnyunt 11222, Yangon, Yangon Division, myanmar – 2 minutes’ walk from Thamada Hotel in Yangon.
One very good point is the high responsible officials. If the guests are foreigners, they will pick you up from the station and performance you the way to visit your cabin. They will check the ticket 3 times, original time (1st) is when you enter the gate, 2nd time after you get acquainted with your cabin and 3rd time when you reach your site. Occasionally, they will check on your cabin every time the train stops to make sure your proper rest and safety.
For burma daylight train, Yangon Circle train and Mandalay – PynOoLwin is easy to try with wonderful experience of interacting with local Burmese.
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