Best Picked 2018 and Top Suggested in 2019 by SEA WANDER

Check out SEA WANDER's top picked tours list in 2018 and find our expert overture for burma adventure in 2019

Saying goodbye to the year of 2018 – according to Vietnamese calendar where head quarter office of SEA WANDER located and prepare for new year festival according to Burmese calendar in April 2015, let SEA WANDER look back together to our top favorite adventure in 2014 and our expert is going to recommend new selection for an great burma in 2015.

Top choices in 2018 by our customers:

  • myanmar photography adventure and more specified option - Photography with Balloon ride in Inle Lake and Bagan 07 days - Photographers felt very much in love with myanmar. And we created the tours to provide best chances to capture the most prominent pictures in their journeys.

  • Yangon Countryside tour 03 days – the very short tour for customers possess limited time in their plan. The tours is also cheap enough to encounter almost all budgets because it has no involve in domestic flight while giving you top iconic sites of myanmar but also different aspects of burma with friendly countryside.

  • Tastes of burma in 05 days – that is the shortest overland journey in burma that allows you to take all Yangon – former capital, Bagan – the largest archeological site and Mandalay – the old capital in the North. That is best picking for short-timer travelers.

  • burma Off Beaten tour 14 days – that requires you should inclue a relatively great physical health as we are going to carry you to reveal most remote parts of this country. However, the experience and sceneries rewarded back are the ones you never forget.

  • Inle Trekking to Kalaw 07 days – the most renowned trekking trails in burma that offers you remarkable views of lake, mountains, cloud and special, colorful images of ethnic people you encounters on the way.

  • myanmar final Luxury adventure 10 days – taking this journey you will shortly forget myanmar as a newly-opening, developing country but the one may proposal you the top rich services while keeping their great sides of friendliness and not yet touristy.

Top suggested adventure in 2019 by SEA WANDER

  • Yangon Off shore excursions 01 day – multiple options especially for broad cruise’s passengers docking in Yangon port in 01 – 02 days. As an experienced off-shore services operator in Vietnam, we take this advantage to burma to help our customers enjoy the best sides of this fantastic country within few days.

  • Trekking from Kalaw to Loikaw 06 days – Taking from our expert inspection in Dec 2014, we introduce you the newest trekking site - Loikaw. Loikaw tranquil remain no touristy but the spectacle and cool weather be able to convince any travelers. We make this tour with responsible mind of bringing customers in small sized group to make minimum effects to locals.

  • Caving tour in Hpa-An and Countryside in Mawlamyine 06 days – HpaAn is the sole site in South burma where you can do caving journey. This adventure is our intention of combining natural caving beauty with local culture and graceful countryside of myanmar.

  • Luxury Anawrahta Cruise for fantastic Irrawaddy 08 days – This is the newest river cruise in burma setting its primary sail September 2015. SEA WANDER is proud to be one of the very primary agent to propostion this cruise to cruise fans.

  • myanmar Foody adventure 09 days - The unique tour for foody lovers to reveal the featured aspect of burma culture. SEA WANDERcreates this adventure to take you enjoy from road foods, traditional cuisines to very elegant meals in top restaurants.

  • The bests of burma 12 days – Classic but never get enough, the adventure as its name cover the best highlights of burma and is wrapped in very ideal duration for most home-away vacation. Having its shot in 2014, SEA WANDER quiet recommends it for all types of travelers coming to burma in 2015.

That is our sum-up list in 2018 and suggested list in 2019. They will be very best guide for you starting a journey planning to burma. Providing you have different ideas with us, why not drop us a message or tell us your idea by customize your contain tours here!
Happy New Year 2019 with best wishes from SEA WANDER Team!

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