Top Three Places for Balloon in myanmar

The primary Myanmar’s commercial balloon ride was taken destination in 1999. Since that time, balloon rides own become a attraction in myanmar journey. These balloons were made by British and inclue a perfect safety record. They usually do not run in summer. has the honor to introduce three hot balloon ride places to travelers: Bagan, Mandalay, and Inle Lake.

1/ Balloon over Bagan
Bagan became the central powerbase in middle 9th century under King Anawratha. The old city was the capital of the Pagan Kingdom from 9th to 13th century, the first kingdom unifying the regions, which would be later into state of the art myanmar today. Bagan is located in Mandalay region.
On an exclusive balloon rides, travelers may contemplate the unrivalled overview of all Bagan antique city, along with Ayeyarwady river in the west and mountains in the east.
Balloon over Bagan Myanmar

From high altitude, thousands of various temples, stupas and other historic sites with variety of shapes and sizes reveal imposingly. On balloons, you be able to see the golden Shwezigon, the original Buddhist temple, while listen to stories about the King Anawratha, who built Shwezigon in 1057 and started the Burma’s temple building habit, which lasted over 230 years. Stupas after stupas, temples after temples appear breathtaking, the series of old images drift below you. A balloon ride is the greatest way to capture entirely the majesty of the temple complex, rather than a go to from ground.
Bagan view from Balloon

The pilot will lead you to Ayeyarwady river, you could see the local life. Panoramic scenery also comprise green fields and mountains. You can catch glimpse of the volcanic Mt. Popa to the east and Taungyi Taung on hilltop.
Sunrise is the most pretty time to take a Bagan balloon ride, to feel slowly the glamorous and secretive Bagan unfolds under your eyesight.

2/ Balloon over Mandalay
Mandalay is the Myanmar’s central culture and education, as well as an important trade and social hub. As a crowded city, it is truly bustling, but also extremely interesting to adventure.
Founded over 155 years ancient by King Mindon, the city has retained the old Palace, surrounded by an extensive moat and city wall.
explore Mandalay, there is no better way than by a balloon ride, which makes the whole of historic Mandalay open up below your eyes: temples, people, and hidden sights. Highlights include Mandalay Hill tower in the north, Ayeyarwady river in the west and U Bein Bridge in the south.
The balloons will carry off at the morning, when the sight engulf in mist. Travelers will encounter different scenes: busy life on streets, hasty trade’s residents at markets, holy space in temples, and monks walking in long queues with bare foot on ground.
Balloon over Mandalay

In Ayeyarwady river, herds of buffaloes wade in stream. Boats of all shapes and sizes load fully goods and passengers. You be able to observe frenetic traffic in this plentiful river.
U Bein Bridge close to Amarapura is the world’s longest teak footbridge, mild curving 1,300 yards, spanning over Taungthaman lake. If possible, pilots will lower the balloon close to the lake’s surface, you could watch the enchanted and quiescent scenery of quiescent water-face, previous to bringing you back to land nearby.

3/ Balloon over Inle Lake
Spectacular, unlikely and incredible, Myanmar’s Inle Lake is one of the most featured places in our planet. The balloon adventure officially launched in Oct 2014 (details here) will overture you a panorama about this outstanding lake along with the calm life here.
Leg-rowing fishermen, stilted villages, floating vegetable gardens, up-and-down boats and layered mountains surrounding the lake are the most common scenes in Inle Lake. The aerial expedition will start in early morning, when mist covers everywhere and the spectacle is magical.
Balloon over Inle Lake

When the Inle balloon lifts slightly off the ground, fantastic sights disclose in front of your eyes. The flight moves at diverse heights above the water-face. The whole of immense Inle lake, mountains and marshes will be embraced into your vision. This is awesome! If being a cultural curious person, you may observe overall the local living activities, from stilt dwellings, primitive boats or motorized canoes carrying tourists along first canals. Specially, you will be surprised by well-killed Intha fishermen, who row their skiffs by one leg while casting their nets, using legs to control other fishing tools.
Immersing serene markets. You be able to encounter Inle’s famous festivals. The balloons also glide slowly through bird sanctuaries and teak monasteries. Possibly, you will say “hello” to Ywama village, well-known by its tall teak stilted houses and its floating market; or wave your hands to Maing Thauk, the particular village with its wooden bridge.

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