Packing things to go myanmar

Small preparation may make your burma journey go much smoother and more enjoyable. Let check with us how tremendous things to pack can be for enjoyable tours to burma

What to take/ware to Myanmar?

Clothing: Shorts are not worn locally here, but are acceptable. For entry into a pagoda your knees must be covered as well as your shoulders. If wearing shorter that knee length shorts, bring round a sarong or the local garment with you in your back pack to slip on when necessary.
Avoiding denim clothes as it will get damp due to sweat and not easy dry and chafes
Shoes: Beside regular comfortable shoes, take your own pair of thongs - you will need them because almost every building especially religious pagodas you enter you will be expected to bring off your shoes.
Thongs are easier to bring than sandals and cooler as well. That’s generally all the locals wear.
Head wares: You are going to humid, tropical country, then of course carry a sun hat, perhaps gloves (against the sun!) and sunscreen in summer time.
In the rainy season you definitely need an umbrella. A raincoat be able to be useful but most of Burmeses swear by the umbrella.

Electronic equipment

It is important to bring with you an International Power Point Adaptor for recharging all your electrical items. People now often contain tremendous electric devices then you definitely don’t want to be in a situation of running out battery

Luggage and bags

You should contain two types of bags. One is hard-sided luggage which is for long distance or flying in aircrafts. This will keep your clothes in amazing shape and your fragile items safely. One more advantage of hard-side luggage pack is you be able to wipe off stains easily.
The second one is a day bag that is a small back/pack that carries cameras, sunscreen, glasses or any daily necessities. This will help you easily enjoy walking tour or get on/off vehicles

Toiletries and Medical Supplies

To avoid unnecessary "hassles" at different customs and immigration controls own your medication prescriptions handy for inspection. So as you could performance what medication you are carrying. I always inclue mine in a zip locked plastic sandwich bag along with my passport and shot card.
Because the temperatures here are so severe, with the extreme heat and humidity comes the insect problems. Find that you are using a wonderful reliable Mosquito and Insect repellant at all times.
Seeing that most foods are eaten by hand it is imperative to contain a hand sanitizer in your pocket to constantly wash your hands.
If you're attached to a unique brand of toothpaste/deodorant etc. Definitely take it. You be able to see western brands (imported via China/Thailand or Singapore) but don't bet on them having the one you want.

Money: US$ cash or local money

You can use US$ most anywhere but the exchange rate is flexible depending on who you deal with. Generally we got between 800Kyat and 1000Kyat while the going black market rate was around 1200Kyat per USD. You need to inclue good-hearted crisp new bills or you will ought to negotiate and quarrel with your counterpart to use your bills. This seems to be a common issue in countries where the currency market is not open. Be sure when you get change that they give you crisp new US$ bills too.
One more thing, make sure your US notes are new or mostly new. The old ones be able to not be accepted or you will suffer very low exchange rates. Cards or go to cheque are not widely welcome silent.


You can await to walk under hot weather then take sufficient amount of water. Carry more than you believe you need. You should buy some at the supermarket and keep it in the fridge in the hotel room.
One thing here in burma that is a necessity to contain with you is a torch. Small and self-charging ones will be perfect. There be able to be lack of road lights or it will amazingly helpful when you explore pagodas


The things to pack be able to be various and depend on your have go to purpose. However, there is always a general rule – The lighter the better. Spending some time previous departure to make a checklist and be sure you take enough necessary items. Some small prepare will defenitely help you inclue much more enjoyable burma journey

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