Jumping Cat Monastery in Inle Lake

The must-seen destination for any journey to Inle Lake, myanmar is jumping cat monastery. The monastery is not only unique itself in architecture but the amazing train of such the lazy creature as cats to become professional entertainers
Nga Phe Kyaung is a wooden monastery, which was built on stilts on Inle Lake, burma just north of Ywama. This monastery was built in 19th-century on stilts with an good collection of Buddha statues. The monastery set on wooden and mosaic pedestals that are hundreds of years antique. The most popular characteristic of this monastery is for its cats that were trained by the monks to jump through small hoops.

The monastery has indeed become a nice of refuge for cats. The monks carry tender loving care of their four-legged friends, and much to the enjoyment of the spectators the cats performed tricks: for a piece of food they jump through rings which the monks hold up high.

Updated on August 2014 by seawander.asia : the cats at the monastery now possess not jumped any longer because their trainer – a monk – had passed away. Now you may go to this place for unique architectural piece of the wooden monastery and play around with mysterious but beautiful cats. We could manage a jumping cat performance at a local restaurant, please contact us!

Jumping cat monastery Inle lake

Jumping cat pagoda myanmar

Jumping cat pagoda inle lake

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