HOW TO GET A noteworthy myanmar TOURS?

Known as the land of fanciful natural beauty and featured old culture, burma today has become one of the most favorite destinations of international tourists in Asia. Come to burma, you will possess a good chance to relax the old architecture nested in the mist at every dawn of Bagan, admire the glamorous Yangon or immerse yourself in the quiet beauty of the sunset on Inle Lake. If you are planning a trip to burma, this article is a useful guide showing you 4 favorite destinations which you should not miss for one of the most worth remembering burma tours.

Yangon – one of the most charming burma destinations

The original site to travel in burma tours is definitely Yangon. Being the capital of burma and now the largest city here, Yangon attracts tourists with special custom, featured culture and the beauty of a green city.

There are a lot of green trees on either side of the road, the park is filled with lush antique trees and colorful flowers. Airplanes to burma will mostly land in Yangon. Besides, Yangon has a crowded downtown with old buildings and charming European architecture. Many monuments like the post office, the people's committee, the church quiet retain primary architecture with high ceiling, arched door, exterior carved….

In addition, the bustling downtown area here is very lively. Take a stroll along one road of Yangon - one of the most famous Myanmarese destination, you also be able to experience the life of Myanmarese citizen, admire Myanmarese man and woman in their colorful traditional “longyi” and discover the pretty culture here.

Come to Yangon, you will inclue a fantastic chance to go to one of the most important religious sites of Yangon as well as Myanmar’s Shwedagon Pagoda.
Visitors be able to even find the glorious tower of Shwedagon Pagoda from numerous locations in the city. The entire area of Pagoda has gold-framed Buddhist buildings with elaborate architecture, but the main tower remains the center of attention for all believers and visitors.


Shwedagon Pagoda is open from 4 AM - 10 PM every day. It's truly crowded with believers to worshipers as well as visitors. When you travel Shwedagon Pagoda, you have to bring off your shoes, so carry comfortable shoes and put them in your backpack. Note that when visiting the pagoda at noon, the heat at this time will make the brick background extremely hot. You need to be careful when walking barefoot.

Another interesting experience that you should not miss in Yangon on your burma journey is enjoying street food. The featured taste and featured processing of road foods of Yangon cuisine always make the tourists surprise. Here are some distinctive dishes that you should enjoy: E Kya Kway, steamed yellow beans, Roti, Koh Pieh, Koh Puo, Samosa salad, Mont Lone Yay Paw...The feeling of enjoying delectable Yangon road food while chatting happily with friends among the rushed atmosphere of Myanmar's summer night will be a really noteworthy experience.

Bagan – suitable destination for perfect myanmar adventure

If your favorite is a featured culture, which is a mystical religious beliefs, Bagan may be the next ideal Myanmarese destination for you. Nearly 4,000 temples and pagodas which scattered across a vast plain of Bagan are the most appealing to visitors to myanmar. Each temple has its inclue story associated with each dynasty or citizen at the time it was built. Here, there is no incense smoke, no noisy festival but only the pagodas, the top of the tower, the old moss-covered brick wall by the side of the street.

Coming to Bagan in myanmar journey, you may freely discover this mysterious city with all kinds of vehicles like walking, horse carts, bicycles, electric motorcycles, motorcycles, and taxis. In particular, the most special transportation which makes the difference of Bagan is hot air balloon. Hot air balloons are heated every day to prepare for visitors' adventure at any time of the day. If you visit around Bagan with a hot air balloon, you need to pay $400 for nearly an hour of flying in the sky. Hot air balloon will help you relax all spectacular views in both antique and new Bagan as if two halves of the past and the future. This experience also let you admire the picturesque spectacle of Bagan by a featured method.

With an extraordinary sight of white cows, the longyi girls inviting tourists to buy a fresh flower worshipping Buddha and try the horse carriage, you may totally relax and relax a calm moment, hide far from busy life. And you will hear your heart whisper prayers in this mysterious land.

Mandalay - the ultimate royal capital of myanmar

Unlike crowded Yangon, quiet Bagan, Mandalay has become one of the must-visit destinations in burma tours thanks to the old beauty of the ancient buildings. As the last royal capital of burma, Mandalay also owns many monuments, spacious pagodas with different architectural styles.


The primary known for site in Mandalay is perhaps the 1.2 km Ubein Bridge crossing a lake. This bridge is made entirely of solid wood. Come to Mandalay, you will also have the occasion to admire the wonderful scenery of the sunset with the orange sun shining on the bridge. The sunrise in Mandalay is also amazing so do not miss it.

Leaving Ubein Bridge, you may visit the next renowned destination in Mandalay: Maha Muni Pagoda. Maha Muni is Mandalay's holiest pagoda, which is second only to Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon in terms of its popularity. It is truly spacious and charming, with tremendous doors and corridors leading into the main area. Coming here, you will be impressed with the broad gold-plated Buddha statue and the 4-meter-high, which is especially in the area that only allows men to enter, all women may only realize the statue from the outside. Get inside and you will feel the spiritual atmosphere, as well as the cult of the citizen with their faith.

ultimate experience which you should not miss in Mandalay for noteworthy myanmar adventure is Mingun ancient village. Mingun is about 11km from Mandalay, so you may come here by road, but most of the international visitors to Mingun go by riverway.

Most visitors to Mandalay do not miss this impressive adventurer place, because it houses numerous of Myanmar's most important historical sites, most notably the Mingun Pahtodawgyi ruins, built by red bricks which if completed will be the largest brick Buddhist architecture in the world with a planned height of 150m. It was built between 1790 and 1797 under King Bodawpaya, but due to the economic decline, this good work was halted and left unfinished after the king's death in 1813.

Inle Lake – flawless stopping destination for your burma journey

The final renowned burma site we want to mention is Inle Lake.

Inle Lake

Located at an altitude of about 889 m above sea level, surrounded by majestic mountains, and covering an area of about 220 km2, Inle Lake is not only well known for its picturesque majestic natural beauty but also the residence of the Inthar (a minor ethnic group of Myanmar). Inle Lake today become one of Myanmar's favorite destinations. It is also the gathering destination of fishermen and the tomato plantations lurking on the water.

If you've visited all the corners of Inle Lake, you can not miss the spectacular sunset landscape here. An orange glow from the sky gradually diminished, brightening a corner of the sky; the scene becomes sparkling fanciful. Visitors will totally be bewildered in front of this peaceful and romantic space. Taste some traditional food, enjoy those remarkable moments with your friends or family here may be an unforgettable memory. Riding on the Red Mountain where located both the popular vineyard and the winemaking location of the country is an enjoyable experience too.

After, you may drop yourself under a large tree and begin watching the whole Inle from above, enjoy a glass of wine under the cool sky, it will feel like you’re in a tranquil countryside in France.

With these magnificent nature and beautiful old cultures, burma is exactly one of the favorite traveler destinations in Southeast Asia. Get ready for a splendid experience in burma. And if you want to have an unforgettable trip with convenient and professional service, take burma adventure with us.

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