6 Exciting Things To Do in myanmar

In the past few years, myanmar (formerly known as Burma) - a country that has been forgotten for a long time, has become one of South-east Asia's most favorite destinations. Myanmar attracts visitors in a distinctive way, with pristine beaches, antique temples and a mysterious culture to find out. Not noisy, not boisterous but burma calm makes any tourist nostalgic when they leave there. To uncover all the beauty and interesting things in burma only on a short trip is impossible. However, there are experiences that you ought to definitely try to come to this country if you do not want to regret. Here are some unique things to do in myanmar for all domestic and international tourists.

realize the diamond on top of Shwedagon shining in the light

One of the most interesting things to do in burma is visiting Shwedagon Pagoda. Considered as the most sacred Buddhist temple, Shwedagon Pagoda now becomes the symbol of pride for the citizen of burma.

This popular destination impresses domestic and international tourists by the Burmese architecture and hundreds of gilded gold plates, along with 4,531 diamonds on the top of the tower. It can be seen from most rooftops in Yangon - the main commercial city of burma.

But few know that there is only one destination in the courtyard where you can realize the biggest diamond (72 carats) mounted on top of the tower sparkling in the light. Get yourself to Shwedagon and find this featured place!

the diamond on top of Shwedagon

In addition, a adventure to Shwedagon Pagoda is absolutely one of the most glorious and magical things to do in burma. There are four entrances, each leading to a flight of steps into the pagoda. There are also eight planetary posts, one for each day in a week (Wednesday is split in two). Burmese Buddhists will go pray at the own post where they were born. Each planetary post is ruled by an animal as follows: tiger on Monday, the lion on Tuesday, tusked elephant on Wednesday morning, the tuskless elephant on Wednesday afternoons, mouse on Thursday, guinea pig on Friday, naga on Saturday and Garuda on Sunday.

Going to Shwedagon Pagoda, you must bring off your shoes. Therefore, you should be careful when walking barefoot because the heat at summer‘s noon will make the brick background extremely hot.

relax salient views of the sunset at U Bein Bridge

It is no coincidence that this 1.2 km long wooden bridge connecting the banks of the Taungthamna River in the ancient village of Amarapura is so famous. For a long time, it has become one of the most charming sightseeing spots with a rich sunset spectacle in the world. That's why enjoying stunning sunset here is always in the list of best things to do in myanmar.

stunning views of the sunset at Ubein Bridge

The U Bein Bridge is such as a miniature myanmar, where you may uncover the ordinary daily life of citizen prior the final light of the sun is swallowed up by the night. There are silent young people sitting together, strollers walking on the bridge, hawkers hastily returning home, fishermen who inclue finished a hard working day with a net full of fresh fish.

With the exception of the summer‘s months (from March to June), when the water of the Taungthamna River is dried up, it’s better that you spend another evening in your burma tour to explore it more deeply. You could rent a small boat (20,000 kyat / 4 people - equivalent to 350,000 VND), relax the casual nature of the leisure time on the lake and relax the panoramic scenery of the world's longest teak bridge in the wonderful sunset.

Admire sunrise in Bagan

No adventure to myanmar is completed without a visit to Bagan. The best way to go around here is by motorbike or electric bicycle, which be able to be rented easily from one of the tremendous departments or directly from your hotel. Sunrise is the specialty of Bagan - the royal capital of myanmar from the mid-11th to the 13th centuries. Wake up at 4:30 am and rent a motorbike or an electric bike to travel. The fear of going out in the dark will soon be replaced by the enjoyment of the view of hundreds of bicycles turning on the lights on the way.

In Bagan, antique Buddhist temples - hundreds of them, spread across the plains. Therein, the Shwesandaw Shrine is the most pretty place to relax the new day in Bagan. Do not be embarrassed to choose another location because Shwesandaw's high altitude and suitable location will make it easy to capture the panorama of the pretty sunrise. Therefore, you should note this fascinating activity in your list of things to do in burma.

sunrise in Bagan

Get up early to pick a destination you such as, with friends from all over the world anxiously waiting for the moment of the sun rising over the ancient temples would definitely be an experience which can never be forgotten.

Admire spectacular views of picturesque myanmar from a hot air balloon

If you only experience on land, you be able to hardly contemplate panoramic views of pristine natural in myanmar. But at the height of the hot air balloon, you may realize the beautiful wilderness with its old temples and majestic architecture running along the river.

 spectacular views of picturesque Myanmar from a hot air balloon

This type of go to is one of the most exciting things to do in myanmar. But it will not be suitable for citizen with a fear of heights or those who possess a budget because these rides aren't cheap. But if you are brave and inclue enough money, a journey on a hot air balloon ride over Bagan (or Inle Lake) is truly a mystical experience. Go into a basket and float into the sky, you will forget all worries, depression and feel harmonious in the picturesque burma view and the hot air balloon will carry you to the promised land.

relax milk tea – ideal things to do in burma

milk tea 'made in Myanmar'

Are you passionate about the flavors of coffee? Do you curl your lips with the 'bland' milk tea that is only for teenagers? However, you should not deny the invitation to taste a milk tea 'made in Myanmar', because the milk tea here has a unique taste and a particular processing procedure.

Just like iced tea in Vietnam, milk tea is everywhere in Myanmar: from the corner of the countryside, the roadside restaurants to the cafes. Depending on your taste, you be able to choose for yourself a cup of light tea or glamorous milk. The names of the teas are quite complex and prissy to remember, ask the seller to advise you.

Try applying Thanaka and wearing longyi

One of the most interesting sights that capture a traveler’s eye coming to burma is the yellow patterns painted on the people’s faces and brightly colored robes of both men and women in burma. Do not miss the chance to experience the feeling of being a Myanmarese girl or boy - one of the most fascinating things to do in burma, with these specialties: Thanaka and longyi.

When you arrive in burma, you will find the image of the people here, regardless of their age, young and old, using a white powder on their face, on their neck, and on their arms. It is a yellow-white cosmetic paste produced by grinding the bark of the Thanaka tree on a flat, smooth stone with water. The milky yellow liquid dries quickly when it is applied to the skin.

Thanaka and longyi.

Women, men, and children apply Thanaka for a variety of reasons. Thanaka is valued as a whitening powder, which has a cooling effect on the skin and acts as a sunscreen. You could rub Tanaka on your face or ask local citizen to draw leaves or even lovely animals on your cheeks.

Longyi is the traditional costume of the citizen in myanmar. Longyi is extremely simple in design, just a cloth about 2m long, 80cm wide, sewn in tubular form. Longyi is much simpler, just wrap it around the person and it is done. But striking colors with special pattern and characteristics on each longyi calm make tourists extremely excited. It becomes one of the best things to do in burma.

In general, myanmar is a big country with diverse cultures and architectural features. This is really an suitable option for you this summer. Do not hesitate to plan and prepare your luggage for today and don't forget to list 6 exciting things to do in burma for an unforgettable summer tour.

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