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[PHOTOS] Portraits of burma (Burma) by Our Customer

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SEA WANDER journey is honored to introduce portraits of burma with charming photos by Michael Kennedy - who traveled with us in November, 2016 and shared these salient images. Kennedy was a professional photographer for 20 years, primarily a photojournalist. He achieved publication in tremendous newspapers and magazines, including Sports Illustrated, a prominent American magazine. Kennedy stepped away from that world for 15-years to be a high school English teacher. He is now retired, and never far from a camera.

Kennedy was an awesome customer that we were very lucky to meet. Each email he sent reflected his enjoyable sense of humor, and they were always so pleasant to read. He rated us a five-star experience upon arriving home from his myanmar trip. Read the review of his burma tours on our website or in Trustpilot .

Acknowledgment - All photos displayed here are the work of Michael Kennedy. SEA WANDER has permission to post these photos on our websites and channels only. All other use …

Burma Domestic Flights Updates

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Due to the bad road infrastructure, traveling in myanmar by domestic flights can be the most comfortable selection to access main visiting places. However, the flight within this country very much different from other countries in South East Asia. Here are some prominent points for travelers visiting to burma. PAPER TICKET REPLACED BY E-TICKET
Up to 2014, you might not notice any “paper ticket” in other Southeast Asia countries. However, some myanmar domestic airlines used them till early 2015. And especially, if you had lost the ticket,you would inclue had to buy a new one. So we used to advise our travelers to keep the airline tickets carefully. You can realize a photo of paper tickets by one of SEA WANDER staff on her inspection in late 2014 below. The airlines very well catching up with the speed of myanmar improvement as a whole. Not too long since Air Bagan and Air KBZ started to use e-Ticket system. Now most of the airlines in myanmar use e-ticket issuing system that is more con…

Prepare for myanmar Traveling in Water Festival

Thingyan, myanmar Water Festival, takes place toward the finish of the hot, dry season and ushers in the burma New Year. This biggest festival is the best opportunity for travellers who are seeking for authentic images of Asia
Water Festival Timing and Meanings?Water festival is also known as Thingyan festival that is originated from the Buddhist version of a Hindu myth. Annually, water festival goes to mid April. This is the biggest festival in a year of Burmese. All people is off from their work to reunite with families and pay their careness to elder citizen. Water festival is held in one of the hottest time with a meaning of using water to wash out bad lucks, so that great lucks to come. >> Thingyan Eve (14 April):this day is for tremendous religious activities. And by nightfall, locals start their real fun time of festival by starting music, song and dance. >> Water festival day (15 April): This day was taken because it was the day Thingyan truly arrives as Thagyamin make…

Attractive scenery of Shan State

Shan state located at North East of the country could make the best highlight of any cultural and natural exploration to myanmar due to its hidden natural beauty with featured Shan ethnic lifestyle.
Stupas at KakkuThe stupas at Kakku were built upon an area designed to look like the Buddha's footprint. The stupas at Kakku were built upon an area designed to look like the Buddha's footprint. Thought to own been originally constructed in the 16th Century, the origin of the stupa fields is currently unknown. The Stupas of Kakku are a short drive from Taunggyi, capital of the mountainous Shan State, and are best visited in March, when an annual festival takes site. Curious Fish, Fascinating people Home at Inle Lake.Inle Lake certainly holds the distinction of being the highest lake in myanmar and home to some unlikely fish. At an altitude of just over 800 meters, the lake is one of the most featured ecosystems in myanmar (Burma), playing home to mollusc and fish species that can'…

Walking at Yangon British Colonial Streets

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Yangon, the biggest city and the former capital of burma, is a wonderful site to get to. This city has the most colonial buildings in Southeast Asia and is regarded as “London” of this region. Hidden behind these red bricks and pastel-painted stucco facades are mysteries from a forgotten era when Yangon was the most cosmopolitan and thriving city in Southeast Asia. High Court Building, formerly known as the Parliament for Justice, built in 1914, prior World War I
British burma existed for just above a half century (1885 – 1942), but Outer myanmar was the British colony from 1852. Yangon colonial buildings constructed in late 19th century, and really fantastic about their diverse styles and structure. The British Raj disapproved of blending styles within a single city’s architecture. They told their consulting architect James Ransome “not to put up any Mongrel buildings”, and guided him to style “Calcutta Classic, Bombay Gothic, Madras Saracenic, Yangon Renaissance”.
Downtown Yangon, the …

Top Three Places for Balloon in myanmar

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The primary Myanmar’s commercial balloon ride was taken destination in 1999. Since that time, balloon rides own become a attraction in myanmar journey. These balloons were made by British and inclue a perfect safety record. They usually do not run in summer.
Seawander.asia has the honor to introduce three hot balloon ride places to travelers: Bagan, Mandalay, and Inle Lake.
1/ Balloon over Bagan Bagan became the central powerbase in middle 9th century under King Anawratha. The old city was the capital of the Pagan Kingdom from 9th to 13th century, the first kingdom unifying the regions, which would be later into state of the art myanmar today. Bagan is located in Mandalay region. On an exclusive balloon rides, travelers may contemplate the unrivalled overview of all Bagan antique city, along with Ayeyarwady river in the west and mountains in the east.
From high altitude, thousands of various temples, stupas and other historic sites with variety of shapes and sizes reveal imposingly. On bal…

Shwedagon Pagoda - Golden Icon of burma

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No trip to myanmar could complete without a travel to the 2,500 years old Shwedagon Pagoda, which enshrines strands of Buddha's hair and other holy relics. Located west of the Royal Lake on 114 -acre Singuttara Hill in Yangon, Shwedagon Pagoda is the most spiritual and impressive Buddhist place for the citizen of the Union of myanmar. From a humble beginning of 8.2 meters, the Shwedagon Pagoda today stands near 110 meters. Shwedagon Pagoda is covered with hundreds of gold plates and the top of the stupa is encrusted with 4531 diamonds; the largest of which is a 72 carat diamond. It is clearly one of the wonders of the religious world.

Shwedagon Pagoda is a repository of the best in burma heritage – architecture, sculpture and arts. The Shwedagon Pagoda consists hundreds colorful temples, stupas, and statues that reflects the architectural era spanning nearly a 2,500 years. To understand this monumental work of art and architecture, you should take an insider's scenery of this ma…

Top 3 Pagodas have to Seen in Bagan myanmar

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Bagan, burma has over 2,200 stupas and pagodas. It may take you several days to find out them all. Here is top three most important pagodas that you should never miss when visiting Bagan - the UNESCO Cultural World Heritage site. Ananda TempleThis is the Bagan's holiest temple, built by the third king, Kyan-zit-tha in 1091. Ananda comes from the Pali word "anantapannya", which means "boundless wisdom". The temple houses four Buddhas facing the cardinal directions, which represent the four Buddhas who own attained Nirvana. The fifth, Maitreya, is yet to appear. This is the most important temple in all out of thousand stupas in Bagan.
Location: Left side on the southern stretch of the Bagan-Nyaung Oo Rd. Just before the street heads to Tharaba Gate of ancient Bagan.

Shwesandaw TempleThis is the "sunset temple", because you will stay here to sight the spectacular Bagan sunset. This surely propostion the best chance for photography. You will meet tremendous …

Jumping Cat Monastery in Inle Lake

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The must-seen destination for any journey to Inle Lake, myanmar is jumping cat monastery. The monastery is not only unique itself in architecture but the amazing train of such the lazy creature as cats to become professional entertainers Nga Phe Kyaung is a wooden monastery, which was built on stilts on Inle Lake, burma just north of Ywama. This monastery was built in 19th-century on stilts with an good collection of Buddha statues. The monastery set on wooden and mosaic pedestals that are hundreds of years antique. The most popular characteristic of this monastery is for its cats that were trained by the monks to jump through small hoops.

The monastery has indeed become a nice of refuge for cats. The monks carry tender loving care of their four-legged friends, and much to the enjoyment of the spectators the cats performed tricks: for a piece of food they jump through rings which the monks hold up high.

Updated on August 2014 by seawander.asia : the cats at the monastery now possess not …

Golden History of Mon citizen and Kingdom

The Mon is a small ethnic group living in Southern part of myanmar. The people has their contain interesting history and culture. This is a snapshot about their golden age when they ruled burma The Mon are an ethnic group of myanmar (Burma) living mostly in Mon State, Bago Region, the Irrawaddy Delta and along the southern border of Thailand and myanmar. One of the earliest peoples to reside in Southeast Asia, the Mon were responsible for the spread of Theravada Buddhism in Indochina. The Mon were a major source of impact on the culture of myanmar. They speak the Mon language, an Austroasiatic language, and share a common origin with the Nyah Kur people of Thailand from the Mon mandala (polity) of Dvaravati.
The eastern Mon assimilated to Thai culture long ago. The western Mon of burma were largely absorbed by Bamar society but continue fighting to preserve their language and culture and to regain a greater degree of political autonomy. The Mon of burma are divided into three sub-groups…

Brand New myanmar River Cruise Opens for Bookings

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SEA WANDER proudly introduces newest, top luxury cruise in burma - Anawrahta (formerly Shin Arahan), a masterpiece of combining between traddional Buddhist ideas with mordern British technology of ship building

With the largest cabin space on the Irrawaddy, and the highest crew to passenger ratio, The Anawrahta offers the finest onboard experience in myanmar. This impressive vessel is initiated with a name after an 11th century monk, Shin Arahan, renowned his courage and wisdom. However, as respect for the ethnic minorities and sensitivities within the country that do not use the religious personages, the cruise company decided to change its name in to "Anawrahta" cruise. Anawrahta cruise is the perfect vessel on which to find out Myanmar’s mighty Irawaddy River. Built to resemble a British colonial paddle steamer, the elegant 65-meter-long, Anawrahta river cruise features three spacious decks and 23 rich cabins. With its twinkling white rails, polished lacquer, intricately c…

Experience Yangon Circular Train

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With as cheap as about one US dollars, a foreigner can enjoy true essence of Yangon local life with a train ride through captivating rural landscapes. While Yangon is a fast-paced, chaotic city to get lost in, riding the Circle Line train provides a window into the daily routine of the burma citizen away from the commercial center of the country. Train Circle, which has existed since British colonial times, marks an primary cultural feature to Yangon citizen.
The train begins from Yangon Central Railway Station to Mingaladon Railway Station close to Yangon International Airport, via Insein to the west and Okkalapa in the east. When you arrive at the station, train guards will immediately point you in the right direction of the traveler ticket booth as you pass through the aged platforms, rusting antiquated trains and families sleeping rough on any spare space available. The carriage rocks and rumbles as you slowly make your way through 45.9 kilometres of track via 39 stations which form …

Flying over Inle Lake, burma by Hot Air Balloon

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Inle Lake is the largest lake of burma, nested among mountains of the Shan State. Inle lake is often known as the top places in burma for trekking and adventures. Adding more activities to tours lovers, Holiday Indochina - MyanmarTour.com - introduces a new product – Inle hot air balloon – for new and unique experience when travelling to burmaHow the trip look like?The passengers will rise up early for being collected from hotel and transfer by boat to the balloon point. The morning mist of the lake is also a kind-hearted image to relax the trip from beginning. Arriving in the balloon checking point, an experience UK-licensed Commercial Balloon Pilot will provide a comprehensive safety briefing. After that, the balloon will bring off gently. The flight duration is about 1 hour

What is the highlights?The passenger will certainly relax the best panoramic view of the lake when the balloon gets the criterion height. Depending on the wind, the spectacle be able to be various with: - Motorize…

Train go to - Real tours in myanmar

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Train go to in burma can be a true tour trip if you are not well papeared and accept for real infrastruture conditions in burma. However, it could be very fun and unique experience that you be able to never find in another countryIf thinking about experiencing several modes of transport in myanmar, traveling by train can be an unforgettable experience to them. Depending on your physical condition, this be able to make your burma tour from challenging to adrenaline bumping adventures. However, train riding may be the best way to attempt challenging experiences as local people. Let look into this deeper with MyanmarTour.com's real experience in our FAM trip on Aug 2014 to decide this journey suits you or not.
SEA WANDER inspect trip on Aug 2014. Train from Yangon - Mandalay in 15 hours. This official helped us very much to keep our door locked (actually fastened !?!) during the night trip. The most renowned and possibly longest rout train is Yangon – Mandalay. It departs at 5 pm, ends…

Myanmar Embassies List and Visa Updates

Visa on arrival now process only directly with Government athttp://evisa.moip.gov.mm since Sep 2014. Please kindly note that there is no agent be able apply traveler Visa by another way. SEA WANDER can support our travelers to deal with this by filling the form at this portal and paying on your behalf when you feel confused with the form and procedure. There are two ways to obtain myanmar (Burma) Visa for tourists:
From Sep 2014, the first one is e-Visa at the only and single address of http://evisa.moip.gov.mm/ (realize the detail here). The portal is now for both traveler Visa and Business Visa. 100 Countries are now available to choose on the system. Online payment by cards (credit/debit) are accepted.The second way is going to your most convenient diplomatic offices as listed below.

This is a list of Embassies and Consulates Overseas of burma. Please note that you will need the Hard Copy of our passport and the applicants may be required to attend in person at the Embassies/Consulate…

Burma Best Golf Courses

burma has many international standard golf courses which be able to satisfy any golfer at different levels of professionals. Here is the list of three top ones. Your could contact us if you want more golfing days in your vacation
The Pun Hlaing Golf ClubSituated in the northwest of Yangon city, only 8 miles away from the city centre, the Pun Hlaing Golf club features a 18-hole, 7,012 yards golf course superbly designed by the legendary Gary Player. With its glamorous views of the Hlaing and Pun Hlaing rivers, and the spectacular backdrop of Shwedagon Pagoda from several holes. Pun Hlaing Golf Club has enjoyed the title of "The Pride of Myanmar" since its inception in 2000. It was selected as the country's host venue for the ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Retreat in 2001, Putra Cub 2005, burma Masters journey 2008 and 2009. Pun Hlaing's Club members were privileged to contain the opportunity to play with the visiting golf professionals in a Pro-Am tournament held at Pun H…

Top 5 Places to get to in Myanmra (Burma)

see our top places of interests for myanmar tour with short description. They are not covering all amazing site of burma but they should not be missed when you're planning a noteworthy trip to myanmar.
myanmar is a delightful and spiritual country, largely uncharted by tourists. Located in Southeast Asia on the Bay of Bengal, the country has preserved its culture and view, remaining relatively unchanged since the British colonial times. The country is known as the ‘Golden Land’ because of the countless number of pagodas and temples, which dominate the view. burma also offers a variety of characteristic beauties and historical artifacts such as glittering waterfalls, graceful lakes, luxurious caves, untouched beaches and the thousand year old golden pagodas scattered around burma, especially in Bagan and Mandalay. (See: myanmar map here)
discover more about these top attractions in the country that you should not miss out when tour to Myanmar: 1. Yangon - the former capitalYangon, the …

Balloon burma Festival in November

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November is the most charming month in burma when the rain stops and weather is so cool. This is best time for a tours to myanmar as well as the best months for locals citizen to held exciting festival. Full Moon of Tazaungmon is one of the most important festival in a year of myanmar, taking destination in November. Lets go with us to join in vibrant, amazing festival by passing overland the country with diverse activities Full moon festival (or Tazaungmon Festival)Also known as Festival of Lights or Full moon of Tazaungdaing, it is held on Tazaungmon - the eighth month of Burmese calendar (usually in November as western calender). This day marks the finish of the rainy season. Date in 2016: 14 NovemberDate in 2017: 03 NovemberDate in 2018: 23 November
Full moon Festival is to honor the introduction of Buddhism in burma. On this day, robe-weaving competitions to create featured yellow monk robes named matho thingyan are held over the country during two consecutive nights (the preceding …

On the tours: Safe & Enjoyable

burma is generally safe for traveling. Anyway, the better your preparation, the more enjoyable you will get on adventure. Please read our safe instruction carefully for maximum fun moments on your trip
Crime and fraudmyanmar (Burma) is a generally a very safe country to adventure in and crime targeting tourists is unusual. Nonetheless, you should apply common sense as you would when travelling anywhere. Make sure your spending money is out of spectacle and close to your body, and keep jewelry to a minimum. You be able to wish to use a money belt, especially if you are travelling on trains during your stay.

In major cities, we suggest travelling by taxi if you are out at night. Be sure you negotiate and agree to a price prior you get in. It is always a amazing idea to carry a hotel address card with you to performance your driver. While on holiday to any places, including but not limited to myanmar, always keep a copy of your fundamental documents i.e. Passport, airline tickets, credit ca…

SEA WANDER adventure hotels 2017 - 2018

Whatever the settings is, your comfortable and memorable trips to burma is our utmost priority. We guarantee that all our hotels/resorts selected are the best ones at their ranges. This reflects in our price which at primary, you may see it higher than our competitors. However, we will never downgrade the services in order to compete on prices.Even though there are some more choices of accommodation in myanmar in previous years, the limitation of accommodation here has quiet been very serious, especially in peak time (from Nov to March). Tourists are advised to book hotels in advance months ahead. Good news, however, is that the hotels in burma begin to feel the heat of competition and carry a move with very pretty promotion in Low Season(from could to Aug). The lower range accommodation taking renovation while keeping very affordable prices is also a notable change.2017 HOTEL UPDATES BY SEA WANDER toursTaw Win Garden Yangon hotel, a very new, grand hotel opened in 2014, is our primar…