Sight seeing Pagodas in burma journey tours – Things to Note Down

hen coming to travel any country in the world, tourists must learn the primary knowledge about the cultural behaviors of that country to make their trip more comfortable and interesting. Burma citizen are very religious and they respect religious works. Therefore, coming to myanmar tour tours, visitors should pay attention to certain rules when visiting the pagodas in this country.

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bring off your shoes

Normally, you must bring off your shoes and socks right from the pagoda gate, except for some places allowing visitors to do that when they contain got to the door. To make your holidays to myanmar memorable, you should always remember this note. In the time when myanmar was peaceful a colony of English, Burmese citizen were indignant when the English went to their pagodas without putting off their shoes. It can be said that this tradition was one of the motivations for the Burmese successful revolution and independence.

The alike rule is also applied in churches, but some places quiescent permit visitors not to walk barefoot. It is recommended to observe the local citizen and imitate them.

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Dress politely

When going to pagodas, temples or churches, you should not wear shorts, sleeveless T-shirts, tank tops or unsuitable clothes when going to the religious sacred areas of the Burmese. This rule is applied for both men and women in burma tour adventure. Women are supposed not to wear skirts (which are shorter than their knees), leggings or clothes which show too much of cleavage.

Do not make noise

Coming to religious constructions, tourists should avoid making a broad noise, yelling, screaming and laughing aloud. At Shwedagon Pagoda, you are not allowed to turn music on in the pagoda’s campus as well as bring musical instruments to the tower.

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Avoid annoying others for photographs

Some pagodas or temples require a sum of money when tourists want to take photos, while others entirely do not allow taking photos so that the spiritual atmosphere is not affected. And do not let this influence your myanmar holidays. Therefore, you should pay attention to the signs showing whether you are allowed to carry photographs.
Besides, tourists should also avoid inappropriately posing with the images of pagodas and Buddha statues, leaning on or using Buddha statues as properties. Monks dislike being taken photos, so you should ask for their permission if you want to do that.

Do not turn your back to Buddha statues

If you want to sit for some rest, remember not to turn your back to the Buddha statues because this action is considered disrespectful to the religion of the Burmese. As pagodas are always on the list of best places to get to in burma, you should always performance respect to Buddha.

In addition, when sitting on the ground, you should also pay attention to your feet. Do not stretch your legs with your feet toward statues or towers.

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performance respect to the monks

people who lead a religious life in burma are really respected here. Tourists should not try to shake their hands. Women need to avoid touching them. When giving presents or sacrifices to the monks, you need to use both hands, stand an appropriate distance away from them so that they be able to receive the offerings easily. That is good-hearted of complicated, but for enjoyable burma tours adventure, you should keep the tips in mind.

Do not sit in the identical or higher position to the monks. If you want to give money, you had better put the cash in an envelope or a wrapped piece of paper before asking the monks to receive it. This burma adventure guide is really important to make your trip easy and comfortable with noteworthy experiences.

Burma adventure tours

Besides, it is better not to step on the shades of the monks when they are standing, especially on the head part. This is considered disrespectful to them, even when you are not on purpose.

It seemed to be so numerous to remember and pay attention to when you choose a pagoda to go to in myanmar adventure tours. However, coming to a religious country like burma, knowing the primary rules is always better for making your trip more convenient. Furthermore, complying with all of them, you could totally enjoy the interesting experiences about these impressive Burmese sacred constructional works.

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