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Burmese most interesting customs through a rough guide myanmar

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With attractive natural sceneries and open trade policies to foreign countries in recent years, myanmar has become a favorite place for tourists. burma tours are always crowded and happen regularly to encounter the need of visitors. However, prior coming to this country, you should learn about some customs and traditions here to make your trip more comfortable and interesting. This article provides some most useful rough guide myanmar so you can better enjoy the trip.First, when visiting temples and other Buddhist religious sites, tourists ought to go bareheaded and walk barefoot. You are not allowed to wear hats, shoes and socks, especially shorts, T-shirts, too thin or too short skirts when visiting temples. Reading some burma tours blogs, it is easy to see the information for any visitor. Some places do not allow women to approach the altars. Visitors should uncover the suitable time and site to carry photos then ask for permission to carry pictures and film. Besides, you have to r…

Top four famous beaches in myanmar to discover

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myanmar is a fairy place to get to for sea-loving visitors. There are numerous captivating beaches waiting for you to explore. If you haven’t found a site to come on your burma tours, you may find some suggestions in this article. Let’s find out top beautiful beaches in burma and choose the best one for your next trip!Ngapali Beach

The name Ngapali Beach is named after the captivating city of Naples, Italy. Ngapali is a beautiful beach with 7 kilometers stretching white sand covered by palm trees. The sea is always a deep blue turquoise color with fluttering waves such as a welcome signal. The other reason makes this destination the best place to go in burma tours is that you can go to this site easily. There are tremendous flights to this place a day from Yangon, you just need to await for about 45 minutes to bring a new flight. If you want to visit by street, you be able to go through the Rakhine Yoma Mountains.

The still Ngapali beach is an ideal place for people, who are too tired …